School Dinner

School Meals are cooked daily in the school kitchen. The service is provided by the Local Authority and prepared to their menus…

My School Lunch

The cost of a school meal is £2.10 per day or £10.50 per week. We welcome termly or half termly cheques. Please make them payable to Derbyshire County Council.  We need at least one week’s notice of a change in dinnertime arrangements for your child please.


Packed lunches may be brought from home and eaten in the dining hall. Drinks can be included in packed lunches in cardboard cartons. Fizzy, sweet drinks or sweets are not allowed. We teach about and promote healthy eating habits at school, so please ensure that your child has a nutritious lunch that will sustain them through the afternoon.  Some children in school suffer severe allergies, so nut products are not allowed in any child’s packed lunch OR break time snack.